Creative Rebel CIC, Mansions of the Future, 12 St Mary Street, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Creative Rebel CIC is incorporated in England & Wales, Company Number 10926105


We are

cultural change facilitators.

We draw together diverse communities in the co-creation

& co-design of change for good.

We're a visionary social enterprise which draws together diverse communities in the co-creation & co-design of change for good. We pride ourselves on bringing together people with diverse perspectives, enabling cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-sector conversations, collaborations and innovations. We make this happen sharing our skills & knowledge of human-centred design & design thinking, co-creation/social innovation, graphic design, community leadership & building, Tiimiakatemia team coaching, storytelling, teaming, mentoring, building engaging events, interactive workshops & inspirational social media content among other skills & knowledge we are able to draw in from our extensive network of rebellious friends across the city and further afield.

To date, we have instigated, designed and facilitated numerous public engagement, community events & activities, including the inspirational, and globally-renowned TEDx Speaker events, freelance Jelly co-working days, social enterprise networking events, festivals in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University and other events aiming to engage individuals, businesses & communities in the co-creation & design of social change.

We mix inspiration with innovation to help people, communities, educational establishments, and businesses build new, better ways of understanding each other.

Over the past decade, the way we do business had changed; it has become 24/7, mobile and virtual. We no longer work from fixed location and because of this have less engagement and involvement in our local communities.


In the same decade, institutional education has become more rigidly focused on results with a definitive slant towards science, technology, engineering, and maths. Our young people are burning out quicker with wellbeing and creativity taking a back seat.


Both business and education seem to be focusing less on the human beings that make them function and more on results and profit.


This has to change!


Business and education must become more engaged with the people and communities they serve to generate social change and impact through innovation and transformation.


To do this, we need to change the conversation; to challenge how we think and interact. We need to reconnect with our creativity, rediscover our passion; make big changes though tiny risks and shifts in behaviour.


With a little rebellion, we can change how we see the world and it sees us.


It’s our mission at Creative Rebel to facilitate those conversations; provide the means and support to discover new ways of engaging with our authentic selves to cultivate creative solutions.




















Our team

Our core team of experienced facilitators & coaches combined have networks across the Arts, the Digital Creative sector, Higher Education, the Start-Up & Freelance Communities, Health, Care & Third Sector, all sectors involved in or able to benefit from a connection with the Arts & Culture industries.


Individually we have worked across different sectors including the Home Office, Environment Agency, National Lottery Heritage Fund, Cultural Olympiad, Lincolnshire County Council, University of Lincoln & Bishop Grosseteste University to deliver projects on a local and national level.

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