The purpose of the Creative Rebel CIC is to create space - be that physical, aesthetic, emotional etc - for people to challenge their assumptions of what is possible and what is not.

So, what does that actually mean? At it's simplest we want to develop a space where everyone who wants to create change in their community can get support in bringing their ideas in to reality. 

Currently under global pandemic conditions this space has to be virtual as we all get to grips with a world that is "business unusual". However, our plan to create of physical space is just as important as we come out of the other side of this global crisis.

Whilst we've seen a staggering 5 years worth of technological development during COVID-19 we've also seen the rise of problems such as radicalisation of young people through the internet, loneliness and isolation, and a communities at large scratching their heads trying to figure out how to support those most in need.

We all still hold ambitions of placemaking; a shared belief that we can all contribute to better communities, and that community projects should be done with communities, not to them. We will continue to engage people of all ages in design led placemaking and social change through #FightLikeADesigner. 

Our ongoing mission to #CreateHere


The problems our society faces are massive in scale and the organisations that tackle them are mostly tiny. We believe there’s strength in numbers, because no matter who you are or what you do, we all have a deep seeded desire to change the world for the better. We believe that through creativity, education, innovation & entrepreneurship we can tackle the big problems in our communities.

We want to co-create impactful interventions and sustainable projects in the heart of communities, because we truly believe that the people who live somewhere are the ones who know best.  

Through collaboration we help make those challenges more manageable. We encourage a “fail fast” mindset to initiate change, because if you constrain failure you impede innovation. We want to find the balance between doing well for yourself and doing good for the world.

We help create an open an honest dialogue in order to be the change we all want to see in the world. What we can truly accomplish when we work together?




Creative Rebel CIC proposes the creation of a variety of pioneering spaces to support independent enterprises with social goals from Lincoln and the surrounding area. Our spaces will offer membership to organisations and individuals with a mandate of social responsibility and a support structure underpinned by collaboration, peer support, mentoring and coaching. 


These spaces will comprise of co-working and co-learning facilities made up of hot desking facilities, small team offices, public spaces, meeting facilities, and specialist facilities for retail, design and development, and community.    




We will not only provide space that socially responsible enterprises need to thrive, but we will work with our tenants to give them the support they need to secure sustainable futures. We believe that there’s strength in numbers and our support options at all stages will focus on capitalising on networks, team learning and self-determined learning to build communities of practice.

We will develop a culture of collaboration that develops peer support opportunities. We will offer coaching led support for all tenants to access as part of the wider community of practice as well as dedicated events including community lunches and dinners and regular project pitching opportunities.

CREATING Opportunity

In partnership with our tenants and the wider community we will develop and deliver outreach opportunities that affect impact within the local environment. Tenants will subscribe to a “community hours” clause in their tenancy agreement that sees them give 8 hours a month to outreach. They will bring their skills, knowledge and expertise in their respective fields to further these opportunities.


We will enable and support young people’s transitions to work, both directly as Creative Rebel and with tenants, to create work placements and apprenticeships that have relevance, meaning and create impact. Further to this we will create opportunities that support those with additional needs and from deprived backgrounds to develop their own career aspirations and make them achievable. 

We will also offer free space for community projects and events of every kind that broaden and deepen the connection between communities.

Creative Rebel CIC offers a real chance for local people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their business ideas and employment opportunities to boost the Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy. We are a catalyst for change. We strive to generate the best possible environment to enable people to create their own change and thrive. We encourage people to see Lincoln as the place to build solid careers that benefits everyone. We encourage communities to act and embrace their own creative enterprises that build better futures for all. We believe that by creating a supportive environment with the right mixture of space, support and opportunity that we can contribute to the goals of The Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Strategy, the UK’s Inclusive Economy Partnership and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.