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our ongoing mission to #createhere.

The purpose of the Creative Rebel CIC is to create space - be that physical, aesthetic, emotional, etc - for people to challenge their assumptions of what is possible and what is not.

So, what does that actually mean? At its simplest, we want to develop spaces where anyone who wants to create change in their community has the opportunity to get support in bringing their ideas into reality. 

Currently, under global pandemic conditions, this space has to be virtual as we all get to grips with a world that is "business unusual". However, our plan to create physical space is just as important as we come out of the other side of this global crisis.

Whilst we've seen a staggering 5 years worth of technological development during COVID-19 we've also seen the rise of problems such as radicalization of young people through the internet, loneliness and isolation, and communities at large scratching their heads trying to figure out how to support those most in need.

We all still hold ambitions of placemaking; a shared belief that we can all contribute to better communities, and that community projects should be done with communities, not to them. We will continue to support people of all ages in design-led placemaking and social change to help realise potential.


Reimagining how underused spaces work.

Inspired by the work of organisations like Livity, Make Shift, GroundLABSomewhereto__ and many more, we want to encourage landlords in Lincoln to support the creation of spaces for people to experiment. Whether it's space to support a project to recycle coffee grounds by creating an urban mushroom farm or a space to hold events that give communities the opportunity to come together to plan a better future, we want to see underused spaces actively occupied and used to their full potential. 

We'll make this happen by:

  • Finding vacant spaces.

  • Working with the locals to find out what they need most to support their communities.

  • Creating spaces that meet their demand and inspire others.

  • Filling those spaces with appropriate organisations like local, independent businesses, social enterprises and community projects.

  • Supporting those organisations to give back to the community. 


OUr four key

focus areas.



Creative Rebel CIC proposes the creation of a variety of pioneering spaces, both virtual and physical, to support independent enterprises with social goals from Lincoln and the surrounding area. These spaces are open to any organisation and individual working to create creative change in their communities and those who encourage social collaboration.



We will help create networks of support and communities of practice to help build secure sustainable futures. We believe that there’s strength in numbers and with the right support through coaching, collaboration and co-learning we can help create long-lasting change and new ways of working.


Realising Potential

We are a catalyst: we strive to generate the best possible environment to enable people to create, change and thrive. We encourage people to see Lincoln as the place to build solid careers that benefits everyone. We encourage communities to act and embrace their own innate knowledge to build better futures for all. 

CREATING Opportunity

We want to help people bring their ideas to life by developing a culture of collaboration that helps carve out opportunities using existing and underused physical spaces. 

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