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Over the past decade, the way we do business had changed; it has become 24/7, mobile and virtual. We no longer work from fixed location and because of this have less engagement and involvement in our local communities.


In the same decade, institutional education has become more rigidly focused on results with a definitive slant towards science, technology, engineering, and maths. Our young people are burning out quicker with wellbeing and creativity taking a back seat.


Both business and education seem to be focusing less on the human beings that make them function and more on results and profit.



Business and education must become more engaged with the people and communities they serve to generate social change and impact through innovation and transformation.


To do this, we need to change the conversation; to challenge how we think and interact. We need to reconnect with our creativity, rediscover our passion; make big changes though tiny risks and shifts in behaviour.


With a little rebellion, we can change how we see the world and it sees us.


It’s our mission at Creative Rebel CIC to facilitate those conversations; provide the means and support to discover new ways of engaging with our authentic selves to cultivate creative solutions.

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the shared set of

values that underpin our work.

Good people

always Win.
We believe that fundamentally everyone wants the best for their communities.

Everyone is a changemaker.

No matter how big or how small, we're working to create a better world.

Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens.

We understand that to really know communities we have to listen deeply.

Impact, not bottom lines.

Being entrepreneurial is about  seeing things from different perspectives and finding solutions, not just turning a profit.


is key.

Changing the world doesn't have to be boring. We all learn through play. 

Dialogue builds bridges.

Dialogue is more than just having a conversation. It allows for honest and authentic collaboration.

Equity is the end goal.

Our outputs will always empower people and be sustainable. 

Rebellion Brings change.

Sometimes you have to cause a little trouble to get to the heart of things.

Integrity is immutable.

Real change can only happen with sincerity and the desire to put others first.

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Since 2017 we have worked on projects and initiatives, interventions and partnerships, designed to create impact and address a key point in our manifesto:

"Business and education must become more engaged with the people and communities they serve to generate social change and impact through innovation and transformation."

With this in mind, we founded the TEDxBrayfordPool series that launched just two months after our inception. As TEDxBrayfordPool, since 2017 we have:

  • Raised awareness of Lincoln as a centre for knowledge exchange on a global stage.

  • Worked with residents between 16 and 65 to showcase their “ideas worth spreading”

  • Created 15 voluntary positions to facilitate the series.

  • Worked in partnership with businesses and organisations including Lincolnshire Police, University of Lincoln, The Centre of Culture & Creativity, Lincoln Minster School and Bishop Grosseteste University.

  • Engaged 7000+ people at physical events with a further online reach of 143,000.

  • Worked with 100 speakers and performers to deliver presentations through coaching, of which 51% have identified as female, 10% identifying as LGBT+, 10% from BAME communities and 33% under the age of 26.

  • Encouraged 1000+ people to create wider social action within their specific communities through facilitated discussions and workshops.

  • Established a 1:25 SROI equating to £1.5m across the full duration of the series so far.

  • Delivered around £329,000 of training

  • Generated £5,000 of marketing per speaker and sponsor.

We have worked with Team Entrepreneurship Students from Bishop Grosseteste University, to help source investment of £44,000 for the Involve@Lincoln centre through a community shares scheme. This helped them secure the purchase of their building from the local authority ensuring that the crucial work around mental health intervention and alleviating food poverty can continue for years to come.

We have delivered creative workshops to address 'wicked problems' using design and design thinking for the local community through the Mansions of the Future programme as well as at the international Team4Learning conference, and for trainee team coaches at Aston Business School. We have encouraged participants to #FightLikeADesigner to begin to address problems such as food poverty and education inequality in their own communities. 

Working with out sister organisation 3° of Innovation we have created a scholarship programme to support those with marginalised voices from the LGBTQ+ community, POC and immigrant communities to give people the tools to harness their own voices to create social change.

We have worked with East Midlands music charity, soundLINCS, to review their MusicLincs project in order to revitalise it's appeal and make it more sustainable. In order to do this we returned most of our consultancy fee in order for the charity to create a six month part time graduate internship to put the review in to action. 

We have used team coaching to help develop a community arts collective, Art Isn't Sexy, in to a sustainable collaborative community delivering community arts activism opportunities.

We have helped Mental Health Runner build their brand and develop opportunities to create impact around mental health and physical fitness, and are proud to support them as they deliver their First Steps Forward Programme providing free running shoes to those in mental health recovery.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Despite the 2020 global pandemic we continue to navigate "business unusual" with the rebellion going from strength to strength.