ARTICLE: Coaching a collective. Pt 1.

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

It's been our great privilege to work with Art Isn't Sexy since their formation in 2015. Originally founded by playwright and author Nathan T. Dean as a production company to bring forward his creative work for stage, Art Isn't Sexy has grown and adapted to become an artistic collective of five very different artists. Now in 2019 we're helping them define their new identity as a collective, develop their future outputs and organisational structure. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing some of our process and their insight as we co-create their future.

Using the the Tiimiakatemia model - a mixture of coaching and facilitation - we're helping them define their own solutions and identity. As part of the process is helping them identify some of the gaps on their knowledge and offering resources to help them learn as a team and an organisation.

Ahead of our first session, we asked them to complete a Myers-Briggs style personality test to help them better identify some of their strengths as individuals. In session we offered them the chance to reflect on this process and look at how those archetypes and personality traits could help them gel together as a team. We also reflected upon their own personal journeys leading up to their decision to form a collective and enjoyed a rich dialogue around these themes.

As the session progressed we mapped some of the key things around their identity as a collective, what they wanted to achieve together and looked at some of the areas that formed gaps in their knowledge.

They left the session with a clearer idea of what they hoped to achieve together and thoughts on how they wanted to bring their structure forward. They left with a reading list to help them develop a reading list that will help them learn and develop as an organisation and thoughts as to what they'd like to develop over the course of our time together in the coming weeks.

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