ARTICLE: Coaching a collective. Pt 2.

This week the Art Isn't Sexy collective looked at how to solidify some of their ideas from our first session. Having used some of the resources suggested during that session, especially Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende, they decided that their first thoughts should be around what the collective stood for. Which took the form of their own pirate code. Their code included Self-Care for themselves and how to help artists look after their needs, Clarity of purpose and organisational transparency through open sourcing their process, Sustainability of the organisation both financially and as a safe space for those they engage with, Inclusivity to build people not just projects and to build a wider community, and finally Adaptability in order to remain curious and continue to learn.

Creating a code of conduct helped them crystallize their values and figure out how they could apply them to the way the collective works. It's allowed them to build a shared purpose with each of their members taking responsibility for one specific area of the code's development and for reporting back to the collective as to how it could be built upon and delivered.

The code allowed them to further explore some of the ideas around how aspects of the organisation would function, such their artists funding pot and how to maintain a high level of transparency and openness.

As a team Art Isn't Sexy are quickly solidifying in to an area of high performance, openness and curiosity, with much clearer idea of how to bring their objectives forwards.

Next week we'll be looking at how to keep communication open and how to manage conflict.

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