ARTICLE: Coaching a collective. Pt 3.

This week's session with Art Isn't Sexy was a little different to the previous two. The last two sessions had been really generative with the team looking at how the collective works, their roles within the team and what the outputs for Art Isn't Sexy could be.

This week we took a look at the role of conflict management and communication within the team. Through an open dialogue we discussed how they wanted to communicate with their stakeholders as well as with each other, which offered them a chance to reflect on how they interact.

We looked at conflict management styles using an adaptation of the Kilmann and Kraybill conflict mode technique. We asked the team to complete a questionnaire around specific statements which then identified their preferred ways of dealing with conflict. Part of the process was to also give them a team task to complete within a set time - in this case the team had to get a glass of water, a tennis ball and themselves from one side of the room to the other without their feet touching the floor in under 3 minutes. After which we discussed their conflict management styles which brought up some rather deep feelings and incredibly open conversation.

We also explored the Drama Triangle and the Winner Triangle as a way of raising awareness around negative feedback loops and behaviours. Following on from this we looked at how to give and receive feedback which allowed the team to build tools to help tackle more difficult conversations.

Finally we had an incredible checkout focusing on gratitude and how each team member perceives the others using At My Best strength cards. We love working with these cards as a method to show gratitude. They opened up some very heartfelt feelings within the team and everyone left feeling incredibly positive.

Next weeks session will be looking at vulnerability with strangers, seeing different perspectives and active listening ahead of the teams We Hate Networking event.

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