ARTICLE: What is Tiimiakatemia coaching?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

An introduction:

Tiimiakatemia is a Finnish education model that focuses on coaching led learning by doing. In the UK Tiimiakatemia, or Team Academy, methodology has been used by the University of the West England, University of Westminster, Northumbria University, Falmouth University, Teeside University and Lincoln's very own Bishop Grosseteste University, to deliver undergraduate and post graduate entrepreneurship courses for the past 7 years. In 2019 both Aston University and Liverpool John Moore University are set to start their own courses, and work is currently being undertaken to develop courses for those in Further Education with The Aldridge Foundation. In Finland, Tiimiakatemia has been delivering within education and business for the past 25 years.

So what is the Tiimiakatemia Methodology?

Unlike traditional education which focuses on classroom teaching Tiimiakatemia learners are more self directed, which means that students are responsible for their own learning, with an emphasis on teamwork, supported by qualified coaches.

"It combines entrepreneurship, business, teamwork, pedagogical approaches and humanistic thinking together. These fields have been refined to fit both education and business environments where teamwork and shared results are critical requirements.

At the heart of the Method is socioconstructivism. In this approach the learner constructs his or her own thoughts, ideas and attitudes with others. Because an individual cannot learn entrepreneurship in a vacuum or within the constraints of a conventional classroom, the Method emphasises learning by doing. By doing real-life projects and assingments the individual can gain valuable experiences. These experiences are shared with others in team learning settings."

- Tiimiakatemia Global

How is this methodology useful?

In an educational setting the Tiimiakatemia methodology is revolutionary. It allows learners, often those who have become disenfranchised with traditional education, to develop the skills they need to build their own successful businesses or enhance their skills offer to employers. In 2014, 91% Tiimiakatemia graduates from Jyvaskyla became employed within 6 months of graduating, with 37% of those starting their own businesses.

Internationally the Wartsila Corporation, specialists in Marine Engineering and Energy Solutions & Services operating in 200 locations across 80 countries use Tiimiakatemia methodology as management and development tools.

How does the coaching process work?

The coaching process starts with the formation of team. In education, students form teams that become limited companies with the goals of learning entrepreneurial skills by doing them. Key skills developed during this process include, but are not limited to: team working, self learning, leadership, project management and financial management as well as curiosity, listening skills and the ability to share knowledge.

Through psychometric testing students learn about their strengths and what areas they need to work on as learners and team members, which helps form the basis of their company learning too. They work on solo projects and team projects to develop the knowledge and skills needed to make their businesses thrive. Through their solo learning they use a variety of resources to build knowledge which they then share with the team. Collectively this knowledge helps drive forward the company.

Within this environment coaches act as anchor points to encourage students to reflect upon, and think about, the knowledge and skills they need to develop in order to successfully run a company and complete their degrees. This normally happens in twice weekly group dialogue sessions designed to stimulate the deep conversation in a safe environment. The students also carry out creative labs which often see them working with specialists from areas they have identified to help build the skills they want to learn.

How does Creative Rebel CIC use this process?

We're adapting this model so that it becomes open to everyone from any background. By forming a team of engaged like minded people our aim is to help them develop the tools they need to affect social change within their communities though positive action. We think there's a real power in the contracting tools, coaching, personal reflection, group dialogue, and learning by doing to bring together people who want to make a difference. Empowering people to take ownership and to do things for themselves means that results can have a lasting legacy.

We also know that this methodology has practical benefits for businesses too. It can help to develop skill sets within existing teams and organisations that allow companies to break through blockages and really succeed.

Ultimately, we feel that the Tiimiakatemia methodology is the 'perfect cocktail' to bring about rapid, substantial and sustainable change across a multitude of platforms. If you're interested in finding out more about the methodology you can visit the Tiimiakatemia Global website, and if you'd like to know more about how we can help you implement some of these techniques drop us a line or book a free consultation via our online booking page

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