CASE STUDY: Art Isn't Sexy

Updated: Jun 25

“The United Nations define the UK’s creative industries sector as being at the crossroads between the arts, business and technology. It is therefore clear to those who work and interact with the sector that their growth depends on continued public investment in the arts to support the development of ideas and talent on which the creative industries and wider creative economy depend.”

– Creative Industries Federation:

How Public Investment in the Arts Contributes to Growth in the Creative Industries


Art Isn’t Sexy is a multidisciplinary narrative driven arts cooperative specialising in immersive and engaging community-led experiences. They produce theatrical performances, engaging artistic experiences, an online zine called Esoterica, and run a peer mentoring scheme called INKubeta.


After completing a BA Hons in Media Production at the University of Lincoln, I was hired by a London based company to work on transmediated stories. This contract eventually ended, slowly and naturally, resulting in me having to return to Lincoln to find new work and support myself. Like any wonderful university graduate cliché, I found myself working in Burger King but with a desperate desire to continue creating artistic work. Accidentally, even though I was trained in film, I found theatrical festivals I could create work for, and entered The Newvolution Festival of new theatre at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. This opened a doorway to an entirely different creative field, one I had participated in before at secondary school and college, but not my later years. However, Lincoln did not initially offer the infrastructure and support that I required to continue working in the city. I had to make a decision. Leave the city I love to pursue my career, or stay and help build that structure I required. I was just about the depart the city, believing no one could help support me in my challenge of creating the Lincolnshire art scene I craved, when Creative Rebel launched. Seeing how many other people they were helping, I just couldn’t leave, and now feel I can create without the fear I had before. Art isn’t sexy, but it is possible now with Creative Rebel.


Creative Rebel CIC was one of the first organisations I met that had the enthusiasm and experience that proved to me that my goals of creating a developed art scene in Lincoln were plausible. I had dreamt of Lincoln being an equivalent to Manchester, Edinburgh, et cetera, and if it wasn’t for seeing who Andy was working with, and him talking in such an enthusiastic manner, I would have left Lincoln for other artistic climes. In short, the Pathfinder Foundation is built from experience, excitement and talent, and this inspires me to keep creating.


Creative Rebel CIC educated me in the more professional and structural aspects of my creative career. Whilst I gallivant around creating theatrical experiences and writing strange fiction, I can turn to them for help with funding applications, hiring actors/fellow creatives, and putting my work in physical spaces. Their base of contacts – and their experience in the field – has given me the support that all weird, mad artists need.

- Nathan T. Dean 

Creative Director, Art Isn't Sexy

Creative Rebel CIC, Mansions of the Future, 12 St Mary Street, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Creative Rebel CIC is incorporated in England & Wales, Company Number 10926105