CASE STUDY: Sonophilia: Lincoln's Festival of Sound

Updated: Jun 25

"Festivals are big business: one recent report by UK Music puts the total direct and indirect spend generated by ‘music tourism’ for festivals in the UK in 2014 at more than £1.7 billion, sustaining over 13,500 full time jobs (based on 232 music festivals, UK Music 2015)."

- Arts & Humanities Research Council: The Impact of British Music Festivals


Sonophilia is Lincoln's Festival of Sound. It showcases, celebrates and shares Lincoln’s love of music and sound, as both the people who make it and those who listen to it. The festival is biannual and runs on even years.


I set up Sonophilia in 2014. The idea for the festival arose from my own frustrations, as a blind person, going to events sold as being all about sound. In the end, though, they turned out to be about mixed media — which meant I, and other guests, had to look at something to enjoy the festival. Unable to see, this made me cross and inspired me to create a festival of sound for Lincoln. Sonophilia is all about celebrating sound in and of itself, not as mixed media or as a conceptual thing. Our goal is to encourage people to expand their audio palette, try something new and expand the breadth and depth of what they think they know and enjoy about sound and music.


We invited Creative Rebel CIC to programme, market and deliver our two-day educational conference as we felt they offered something unique to the festival; an expansion to our already extensive programme. They spoken word, oral history, storytelling, arts activism and much more!


Creative Rebel CIC did an outstanding job of curating our educational conference. Not only did they plan, programme, market and deliver the two-day event they provided excellent evaluation. This was essential when reporting back to our funders, which include Arts Council England. The conference featured twenty performers, speakers and artists. It attracted 150 delegates from further education, higher education and other interested individuals. They engaged in a series of programmed lectures as well as bespoke workshops catering to musicians, sound artists and audio explorers. Creative Rebel CIC exceeded our wildest expectations and we very much look forward to working with them to make the 2018 festival a unique and memorable experience.

- Amie Slavin

Creative Director, Sonophilia

Creative Rebel CIC, Mansions of the Future, 12 St Mary Street, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Creative Rebel CIC is incorporated in England & Wales, Company Number 10926105