NEWS: Stuck in the old year?

Sometimes we get stuck. Our flow dries up and we just can't get things moving again. We've all been there!

No matter what stage you're at - new business, project or team leader, or even a CEO with decades of experience - sometimes it's really hard to refocus and move forward when you're trying to juggle accounts, reports, meetings, plus all of those other commitments and STILL get the work done!

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a friend? How about a peer you can find commonality with that moves you forward towards a solution?

Well good news! We KNOW what it's like to feel stuck!

We'll soon be offering a day long digital detox retreat that gets you together with peers from a variety of different industries and at different stages along their journey. The idea is that with some coaching, reflection, mindfulness and dialogue together we can get things moving again.

If you're an individual interested in finding out more and being the first to get notified of when we launch join our mailing list in the contact section on our website. If you're an organisation interested in booking this workshop then get in via our book online page.

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