PROJECT: Social Social

Updated: Jun 16, 2018


To create opportunity for social enterprises, entrepreneurs and those interested in social responsibility to meet, socialise, discuss projects and opportunities.


A bi-monthly event that’s well attended and connects those interested parties identified within the challenge. For those parties involved to begin to build upon their existing networks and develop new projects and ideas.


Social Social was launched in April 2018 and saw twelve people in attendance from across a variety of social enterprises and third sector organisations. Our aim is to develop the attendance at each event to be drawing between 20 and 30 people every time.

As an emerging social enterprise, we recognise the importance of building a network of peers to help us meet out community interest statement. However, we found that there was nothing suitable or dedicated to businesses doing good in our local area. After speaking with fellow social enterprise, The Socent Connection, we realised there was a gap in the market.

As an organisation we have organised networking events centred on digital and creative industries where participants networked over a meal - we’ve also attended more traditional business networking events with programmed speakers. Our experiences led us to realise that we needed to create something much less formal and open space, where participants can take ownership of what happens within the event.

As the event was aimed not only at those working industry, but also those interested in it, we wanted to make the event as financially affordable for the participants as possible. As such we decided not to charge admission and to hold the events in publicly accessible places opting for the event to take place in a local coffee shop.

Creative Rebel CIC, Mansions of the Future, 12 St Mary Street, Lincoln, LN5 7EQ

Creative Rebel CIC is incorporated in England & Wales, Company Number 10926105