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The Emporium opened in 2018 to highlight the importance of dangerous ideas as being catalysts for change and transformation. To create space - be they physical, aesthetic, emotional etc - for people to challenge their assumptions of what is possible and what is not. To deliver a week-long festival of learning in its broadest sense and for anyone who is passionate about community, collaboration and the art of the impossible.


Delivery of a series of curated events throughout the week of the festival that give the opportunity to challenge preconceptions and encourage people to think in ways that they may not have previously.


The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas took place for the first time between 9th and 15th June 2018 featuring five programmed events and workshops. The events explored self-doubt, knowledge transfer through stand-up comedy, idea generation, teenage angst & shame, and the history of Lincoln. During the week the festival attracted 150 participants.

Working in partnership with Bishop Grosseteste University our goal was to create a sustainable community-driven festival of learning and ideas throughout the county of Lincolnshire by delivering a programme of events that are engaging, thought-provoking and at times challenging. In addition to this, we aimed to give people from the wider community the opportunity to suggest or stage their own events as part of the festival, and to offer them support in making their events achievable.


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