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Bridging the gap between "suits and sneakers", Creative Rebel CIC works to help people, communities, educational establishments, and businesses build new, better ways of understanding each other. 

Our role is to facilitate the conversations that matter in order to continue to drive community as a verb forward, making good trouble and social change.

Although traditionally perceived as a noun, community in the 21st century is better redefined as a verb; no longer just an identifier of living in the same place or having particular characteristics in common, or even the condition of sharing  certain attitudes and interests in common, community now signifies a move towards shared action for the good of everyone. 

Take, for example, the global women's protests that arose around the inauguration of President Trump in 2016 or the continued global Black Lives Matter movement. Both movements began at a grassroots level using social media to rapidly convene communities to take action. 


OUr specialisms and project portfolio.




We have extensive experience in event management. We are the producers of TEDxBrayfordPool, Lincoln's very own TEDx series. Which become one of the fastest growing TEDx series in the UK in 2018, generated £1.5m in social return on investment, and engaged 1000+ people.

We have also worked with clients including Threshold Studios to deliver their Meet Up event as part of the Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture, which attracts visitors to Lincoln from around the globe.

As well as working with large organisations we've worked with community arts co-op,
Art Isn't Sexy, to produce live performances.

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Digital event


As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic took hold we turned our attention to helping people continue to carry out "business unusual".

Our work included supporting international charity Not1More to deliver a digital preview of their short documentary and facilitating the multi-site livestreamed Lincolnshire One Venues Evolution conference including live performances, workshops, and discussions. 

"I’m seriously impressed by how well everything was brought together – no mean feat given the amount of technical know-how that must have been required."

Youth Music Grant Manager

at Lincolnshire One Venues Evolution Digital Conference


training& Development

We offer a variety of training opportunities that help participants deepen the understanding of their communities. We can offer bespoke options around community development, understanding diversity, and inclusion - including race, disability, and LGBTQ+ - design-led solution generation, and environmental impact.

"[The session] evoked some good discussions between the team... Whilst we have, and do work with people from the LGBTQ+ community, there is always room for improvement in the methods we use to try and encourage engagement and inclusion." 

LGBTQ+ Awareness Training Participant

for Behind Closed Doors (Prevention and Recovery Service)


workshop facilitation

We have developed a wide range of workshops around design, storytelling, community development, entrepreneurship, environmental action and diversity & inclusion that can be delivered as a series or independently. 

We've worked with education providers Akatemia UK, University of Coventry, London Campus and Bishop Grosseteste University and community arts hub Mansions of the Future to deliver variety of the workshops we've developed as well as some more traditional workshops such as Design Sprints.   




Design runs through all of our work. From brand design to social media campaigns, we're extremely well versed in delivering high quality, eye-catching content that helps set you apart from the competition.

We've worked with social and community enterprises Barefoot Rebel, I, Jo Tolley and Mental Health Runner to develop their brands into meaningful entities that drive social change forward. We've also worked with local charity Involve@Lincoln to deliver social media campaigns that helped them secure funding through community shares to buy the building housing their community mental health hub.


Enabling spaces

We've worked with several organisations to help them better understand their space and how to maximise its impact.

We worked as Cultural Associates to the Mansions of the Future arts hub for the duration of its operation providing operational support as well as helping to develop accessible programmes of activities.

Most recently we worked with Involve@Lincoln to audit their existing facilities so that they could review how their spaces were used and whether there was an opportunity to improve income generation to make the organisation more sustainable. 

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MOvement Activation

We have wide-ranging experience in developing and delivering programmes that help clients better engage their audiences, raise funds, build networks and nurture pathways towards shared action. 

We've worked extensively with international charity Not1More to raise awareness of their Casa de Respiro Florestal project in Brazil - a place of refuge for environmental defenders who are threatened with murder because of the critical work that they do. We have also worked with them to raise awareness of the destruction of ancient UK woodlands in the path of HS2 and to catalogue human rights abuses against UK protestors.


Developing organisations

We specialise in developing organisations through coaching, creativity and support. 

We've worked with Lincoln-based charity soundLINCS to redevelop their Music:Link membership and develop their human capital through coaching and creative play. 

We worked with community arts organisation, Art Isn't Sexy, to develop their core structure and review their outputs in order to achieve their shared goals.

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