The problems our society faces are massive in scale and the organisations that tackle them are mostly tiny. We believe there’s strength in numbers, because no matter who you are or what you do, we all have a deep seeded desire to change the world for the better. We believe that through creativity, education, innovation & entrepreneurship we can tackle the big problems in our communities.

We want to co-create impactful interventions and sustainable projects in the heart of communities, because we truly believe that the people who live somewhere are the ones who know best.  

Through collaboration we help make those challenges more manageable. We encourage a “fail fast” mindset to initiate change, because if you constrain failure you impede innovation. We want to find the balance between doing well for yourself and doing good for the world.

We help create an open an honest dialogue in order to be the change we all want to see in the world. What we can truly accomplish when we work together?


Ethical consultancy, meaningful


It’s our mission at Creative Rebel CIC to facilitate the conversations that matter; providing the means and support to discover new ways of engaging with our authentic selves, to cultivate creative solutions for the betterment of everyone. 

As a consultancy, we enable others to take ownership of their own interventions, and work collaboratively to find sustainable solutions to the problems that matter most in their community. We achieve this through supporting nine key areas.


We use coaching, design thinking and dialogue to help people tell their stories and bridge the gaps between organisations and individuals. We help to enable everyone to be a changemaker, from grassroots to global.


We help develop practical strategy and support for  community projects and leaders. We help identify and apply for crucial early stage funding, while developing opportunities to become more financially  sustainable and independent. 


We help organisations move beyond corporate social responsibility towards tangible social action that put them at the heart of the communities they serve. 


We help develop strategies that identify and implement opportunities to link built and natural environment together. We  empower the creation of a holistic, grassroots approach to placemaking.


We use storytelling to empower communities, build influence and create shared ownership. We help tell stories with empathy to break down barriers and identify common ground; sharing individuals stories helps build collective community power. 


We help create bespoke, appropriate, solutions driven by the needs of communities. We listen to people to identify what's needed rather than forcing the implementation of unwanted interventions. 


We help communities and organisations develop their culture to be adaptable and sustainable to understand  what motivates social change. We aid in the creation of safe spaces to address difficult conversations.


We use human-centred design techniques to ensure that the end user is always at the heart of projects. We use design thinking to help frame problems in different dimensions, and enable rapid prototyping of ideas to ensure that projects can occur more quickly. 


We help map the impact of community action that allow others to understand what motivates change. We work to showcase best practice through transparent knowledge sharing to create a positive legacy.


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