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In 2017 we applied to host Lincoln's first public TEDx event under licence from Five year's later and we're going from strength to strength showcasing ideas worth spreading from Lincoln and Lincolnshire to the world.


Our aim in bringing TEDx to Lincoln was to show the world that Lincoln isn't just a world-class heritage city, but a cosmopolitan melting pot of ideas and creativity bringing our society into the future.

The TEDx model allows people to create independent TED-like events to showcase their communities. The events are entirely financed by partnerships, ticket sales and in-kind donations. Early adopters include Lincolnshire Police, The Centre for Culture and Creativity, Lincoln Minster School and Lincoln College and a whole host of small businesses including Glimmer Candles, Krimson Productions and FCM Publishing.

Over the years, we have created a platform for people from all areas of our community to share their "ideas worth spreading", and to harness the power of those ideas into creating tangible community action. We also created a support structure to help people tell their stories with impact.


In 2018 we became one of the fastest growing TEDx series in the UK adding TEDxYouth, TEDxSalons and TEDxWomen to our line-up. We have developed the series into a meaningful opportunity for thinkers and doers to meet, share and create action. As we move forward on the back of the global pandemic we plan to consolidate the series into four key events a year that focus on building deeper connections with the community and generating greater impact and recognition.

We project manage every aspect of the TEDxBrayfordPool series from live event production, filming, audience activation and movement building, coaching and development, curation, marketing, sponsorship and post-production.


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